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About us

The SSC is a Swiss Transport users organisation and the only neutral freight transport organisation which operates on a broad scale, encompassing the interests of the industry, trade and consumers.

The SSC encourages the exchange of ideas between members and achieves a fast and efficient flow of information about the latest problems, changes and trends in freight transport. The Swiss Shippers’ Council can offer support in various fields of order processing, including:



Import and export processes


Queries related to export trade, customs and freight origins


Terms of delivery (Incoterms)
Incoterms® 2010: 11 clauses in 4 languages


Payment and financing queries


Legal and insurance queries


Compiling documents and the flow of documents


IT and communications

The SSC is involved with the ongoing and continued education of its members. Seminars and events are organised regularly and have an excellent reputation among all the participants from the world of industry, trade, transport and politics.

How can the SSC support you?

Through expert knowledge, lobbying, further education and an extensive network.

Our strengths:


Representing shipper requirements and interests to the world of politics, transport companies, administrative offices and the general public.

Detailed approach to consultations and queries related to economic and transport policy.

The result for greater representation and better framework conditions for national and international shippers in transporting freight worldwide.

Comprehensive solutions for all transport-related queries and problems within the logistics chain. Comprehensive and tailor-made service offers and a strong network of relations among members.

Mediation and information across all areas of transport and export trade.

The SSC is a member of:

Cargo Forum Schweiz
Global Shippers' Forum

Place de la Riponne 1
Case postale 1346
1001 Lausanne
Tél. +41 21 320 32 39
Fax +41 21 323 31 24
E-Mail info@swiss-shippers.ch

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